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Camila Polar

Full-time Content Manager

& Part-time Copywriter 


Hi there. Camila here.

Originally from Ecuador, I started at a small agency (with a huge heart) called Panda. Made a jump to Havas Ecuador, next to Y&R and landed at Grey Ecuador.
Studied abroad in Mexico City, where I learned how art and fashion make a perfect match. I then chased new adventures in Barcelona where humanities and literature were my top interests.
I needed some latin vibes, so I came back to Ecuador and started a career as a publicist. Been doing that since 2014. So here I am.

Selected Work 

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  • 20 hours of professional instruction
  • 24lbs of a clay of your choice
  • All firing and glazing fees
  • Free studio use outside your class hours
$299.00 / seat

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Where am I

Guayaquil – Ecuador